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Just a little announcement !

Greetings Mesdemoiselles, Messieurs.

As you might know, this comic is a huge comic project between various artists and friends.

The collaboration part happens to be the characters themselves ; each artist have a "persona", his own character involved in the serie. We're building a story background behind them and making them interact together, in some specific situations.

Though each chapter is done by a different artist (whose name appears in the "Cafe Kare's Staff" comment).

(A few notes :

- Please don't ask for someone if this person can work on another comic while the comic you're reading has been done by another artist ; (we say it especially for some issues regarding nozmo's popularity) ;

- We're all very busy, so please understand if we cannot update regularly ;

- We really appreciate the fact you're reading/enjoying/commenting on our comic and sharing some of your precious time with us. We really feel honored and grateful to you all !) ♥

Thank you very much for your support, for the favourites, and for all the ninja-guests visiting our comic --

We'll try to bring you the best of us !

- The Cafe's Staff.

posted by Kiwi-kun @ March 18th, 2010, 4:43 am   1 Comments


Nightmaresky (Guest), March 18th, 2010, 11:13 am

Can't wait for more!
This is exciting! Feel free to update when ever you like! Besides your the only one working on this! Good luck!